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about us

Hi, we're Kevin and Savannah!

We're a husband and wife team with a passion for storytelling. Kevin specializes in videography, and I specialize in photography! We're not just professionals behind the lens – we're dreamers, romantics, and memory-makers. After living in and capturing weddings in places like Oklahoma, California, Texas and the Netherlands, we've finally decided to settle down in the Pacific Northwest. With over five years of professional video + photo experience, we feel confident and comfortable behind the camera. We're all about capturing the real you, the way you laugh, the funny quirks, and those moments that make your love shine on your wedding day.

But we're not just all about weddings! We've got your photo or video needs covered, no matter the occasion. From heartwarming family portraits and glowing maternity shoots to documenting the magic of labor and capturing the essence of solo shoots, we've got the expertise and passion to make your memories come to life. Your story is our canvas, and we're here to paint it beautifully in every frame.

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